Into the Breeches!

by George Brant

February 15 - March 10, 2024

Directed by Jackson Gay

A hilarious and heartwarming play. In 1942, a passionate, albeit inexperienced, band of actresses move from the sidelines to centerstage to mount an ambitious Shakespearean production. Will their performance be a victory on the home front or a disaster of epic proportions?

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Into the Breeches!

The year is 1942 and World War II has called millions away to Europe, including the leading players of Oberon Play House. Enter a group of passionate, albeit inexperienced, band of actresses who seize the chance to move from the sidelines to centerstage. For the first time, they will receive pay for their talents as they mount an ambitious production of Shakespeare’s Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 and Henry V.

Will their performance be a victory on the home front or a disaster of epic proportions? This sweet, hilarious, and heartwarming play celebrates the power of art to rally a community and see us through the darkest of times. These women will steal the spotlight and your heart!


2 hours 15 minutes, with one intermission

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Playhouse Playdates: March 3 at 3PM and March 10 at 3PM

Playhouse Playdate is a unique and engaging program designed to provide an enriching experience for both children and parents. While parents enjoy a captivating theatre performance, children get the opportunity to unleash their creativity and imagination through dynamic creative drama games and activities.

Led by experienced facilitators, the young participants engage in a series of interactive and age-appropriate drama games that encourage self-expression, teamwork, and the development of communication skills. As children create, explore, and learn through creative drama, parents enjoy their theatre experience with peace of mind, knowing that their kids are having a delightful and educational playdate of their own.

Add on to your performance tickets for $20 per student


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An absolute a breath of fresh air that will leave one smiling like a dope at the end.


Audience Engagement Events

Pre-Show Discussions: Into the Breeches!

Sunday, February 18 @ 2:15PM

Wednesday, February 21 @ 1:15PM

Wednesday, February 21 @ 6:45PM

Wednesday, March 6 @ 1:15PM

Wednesday, March 6 @ 6:45PM

Sunday, March 10 @ 2:15PM

Actor Talkback: Into the Breeches!

February 22, 2024 following the 7:30PM performance

Curtain Conversation: Into the Breeches!

March 3, 2024 following the 3:00PM performance

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