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  • Theater Notes by Sidney B. Simon

    Kristen Coury, Producing Artistic Director, took this play under her wing with incredible dedication. Touches of her miraculous hand reached each performer who clearly sent messages that there was no other play they wanted to be in. This was dialogue an actor believes in. It matters. It changes lives. It is, in my mind, what theater is all about. This production is definitely in my “must see” category. It will be a sell out.


    The Price: It matters. It changes lives.
    Sidney B. Simon
  • BWW Review: THE PRICE at Gulfshore Playhouse

    Gulfshore Playhouse never fails to thoroughly impress me with the attention to detail in their productions. THE PRICE involves many, many props, and they all seemed to have a purpose in bringing the show to life. The set itself was beautiful, and I absolutely felt like I was peering into an old attic that held many memories for these two brothers. Kristen Martino, the scenic designer of THE PRICE, did an excellent job with this production. (more…)

    BWW Review: THE PRICE at Gulfshore Playhouse
    by Emily Yorgey Broadway World
  • Kristen Coury Talks about The Price on the Bob Harden Show

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    Kristen Coury Talks about The Price on the Bob Harden Show
  • Cast of Gulfshore Playhouse ‘Leading Ladies’ elevates farce

    In Shakespeare’s time, men would play both the male and female roles.

    In Ken Ludwig’s “Leading Ladies,” a pair of Shakespearean actors are once again pretending to be women — but they do so in attempts to swindle a dying woman out of her money by claiming to be her long-lost nieces.


  • BWW Review: LEADING LADIES at Gulfshore Playhouse is Wonderfully Witty!

    LEADING LADIES at Gulfshore Playhouse is truly one of the most hilarious, witty, and well-performed plays I have ever seen. It is Gulfshore Playhouse’s first production post-Hurricane Irma, and I have to say, they are starting out incredibly strong, after what I am sure was a tough recovery. (more…)

From our Patrons:

  • Professional Theater in a Small Town: All equity actors perform four to six plays per season. Double check the schedule before you visit Naples to see if Gulfshore has a play being performed when you are in town. Also any seat is a good seat. Small theater.

    Patron from Naples, Florida
  • Superb theater….put it on your list!: Gulfshore Playhouse offers consistently superb theater–whether it be a comedy or a drama. The productions are often thought-provoking and the performances are first class. Artistic Director Kristen Coury’s casting is always right-on with Equity actors’ performances taking this playhouse’s productions to the next level. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon matinee or evening performance; call ahead for reservations as tickets go quickly. The word is out about Gulfshore Playhouse!

    Patron from Florida
  • Fabulous Theater in a Resort Town: Live theater at this venue is so good, so professional, so surprising, that it’s like being at an Off Broadway play in NYC. Kristen Coury, Founder and Producing Artistic Director, auditions professional, Actors Equity talent, often from New York, to cast in her productions. If you care for live theater, make sure to take in a play at Gulfshore Playhouse.

    Patron from Naples, Florida
  • Superb theatre at Gulfshore Playhouse This small theatre has consistently excellent productions. All performances feature Actors Equity actors who are top of their game. The scenery designs are always amazing. If you are in Naples during season, check out a production. You won’t be disappointed. We have seen every play for the past three years and every one was a quality production. Reasonable prices as well.

    Patron from Naples FL
  • A stimulating evening diversion from the sun and sand. Visitors to Naples will find that the Gulfshore Playhouse offers a stimulating diversion from the sun and the sand at night. This company hires professional actors and every performance that I have seen here has been excellent. My only desire is that the seating would be made more comfortable. It is bearable for the quality.

    Patron from Naples FL
  • Play on! Gulfshore Playhouse productions are so terrific! You will forget where you are. Every play has equity actors from New York. Kristen Coury provides the best, professional theatre experience you could wish for, at. A very low number cost.

    Gulfshore Playhouse Patron from Naples FL
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