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Gulfshore Playhouse creates theatre of the highest caliber because we believe that diverse theatre experiences brought to life by professionals can transform lives.

Our Mission

Gulfshore Playhouse is passionately committed to enriching the cultural landscape of our region by producing professional theatre to the highest artistic standards and providing unique educational opportunities to diverse groups of people in a spirit of service, adventure, and excitement. Our work is inspired by a belief in the magic of theatre to expand the imagination, challenge the senses, provoke discussion, and revitalize in our audience an understanding of our common humanity. This belief drives the care with which we treat our artists, audiences, students, staff, and members of the greater community.

Our Commitment

We create experiences to the highest professional standards for all people. True to our mission statement and organizational charter, we are creating a place where diverse groups of people can experience, enjoy, and participate in professional theatre and educational programming produced to the highest artistic standards. Because we believe that inclusion is essential to fully understanding our common humanity, Gulfshore Playhouse aspires to be an inclusive space where people from all walks of life are welcomed, respected, seen, and valued. We work to be an artistic home for diverse artists, staff, students, and audiences.

"Southwest Florida, we have ourselves a Broadway caliber, world-class, state-of the art playhouse. … Gulfshore Playhouse will literally be producing plays from scratch that could wind up on Broadway! There’s no doubt in my mind that this will elevate the entire city."

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