Under the Big Top Gallery

Michael Halling and Quixotic Fusion
Gisela Miller
Brigitte and James Marino
Peter and Susie Herrmann
Jane and Steve Akin
Michael Wynn and Mrs. Claun (Patty Baker)
Susan and Dinesh Sharma, Marina and Steven Calakos
Susan Regenstein and Barry Frank
Aaron and Tennille Sevigny
Allison Murray and Tim Habbershon
Ashley Dewji and Mrs. Claun (Patty Baker)
Charlie McDonald and Mr. Lyon (Jay Baker)
Dave Wilson
Erika Aron, Gail Smith and Cat Tieger
Under the Big Top – The Gulfshore Playhouse Gala (2022)
Sarah and Alex Castaño, Ashley Dewji and Tyler Smith, Lee and Peter Bewley
John and Linda Anderson, F.E. and Jack Nortman, Jerry and Rosalee Bogo, Brenda and Mark Lichtenstein, Goldie and Lou Bertone
Peter and Ursula Wranick, Dan and Kathy Mezzalingua
Jack and F.E. Nortman
Jack and Grace-Ann Hoopes
Mr. Lyon (Jay Baker)
Joy Simenova and George Klopfer
Joyce and Tom Butz
Kathryn and Charles Rieger
Ken Davenport and Don Drury
Kristen Coury, CEO and Producing Artistic Director
Kyla and Rich de Asla
Lorry Ann Cipriano and William Whelpley
Michael Halling and Mrs. Claun (Patty Baker)
Micki and Bob Ravitz
Tom and Nancy Gallagher
Pamela and Fred Sasser
Pat Sweet, Charles and Kathryn Rieger, Barry Frank
Patty and Jay Baker
Mrs. Claun (Patty Baker)
Peter Aron and Gail Smith
Quixotic Fusion
Quixotic Fusion
Quixotic Fusion
Quixotic Fusion
Rich Geist
Sandi and Tom Moran
Stanley Kissel and Connie Von Zewhl
Susan and William Brock
Valerie and Nizar Ghoussaini

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