Story Explorers: Camelot

February 19 at 3:00 P.M. March 4 at 7:30 P.M.

While you enjoy a performance, your child can take part in a fun, educational experience with our professional teaching artists! Story Explorers: Camelot coincides with select performances of our professional productions.

Advance registration required. If no registrations are received by 48 hours in advance of the performance date, this event will be canceled.

$20 per child
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Story Explorers: Camelot is an opportunity for students to engage with the arts and express themselves during performances of our professional productions. This program is part of our existing Story Explorers creative drama initiative, which seeks to bring students’ favorite stories to life by utilizing drama strategies and techniques that exercise the students’ bodies, voices, and imaginations as instruments of the Actor’s Toolbox. Gulfshore Playhouse Education is committed to providing quality show-specific educational experiences in the arts for students ages five to ten utilizing our Story Explorers program for two shows during the run of Camelot.


2 hours and 30 minutes including one 15-minute intermission

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During each class session of Story Explorers: Camelot, students will be divided into two groups. Students between the ages of five and seven will go with one Education Associate and students between the ages of eight and ten will go with the other. Each group will be working with age-appropriate theatre and literary materials, tailored to their developmental needs. For Camelot, each lesson will feature knights, princesses, and medieval characters and activities, inspired by the themes and atmosphere of Camelot. Each group will be capped at fifteen students. Once there is a set runtime for the production, the Gulfshore Playhouse Team will begin crafting formal lesson plans for Story Explorers: Camelot

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