Remember: The Story of Abe Price

Written by Jeffrey Binder


In association with the Holocaust Museum and Cohen Education Center

Directed by Steven Calakos

Bring Remember: The Story of Abe Price to your classroom, school, or cultural center to experience a vital true story through a unique theatrical experience.

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Remember: The Story of Abe Price

Remember: The Story of Abe Price by Jeffrey Binder, a new original play based on a true story, is brought to you in partnership with The Holocaust Museum and Cohen Education Center.

At just 16-years-old, Abraham Piasecki’s life is uprooted by the Nazi invasion of Poland. From living in the the ghetto of Kielce to imprisonment at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Remember brings to life the harrowing true story of a Holocaust survivor who escaped Nazi captivity five times. This immersive, challenging, and ultimately captivating story of resilience brings us into one man’s memories and asks us to never forget.

Project History: Gulfshore Playhouse first partnered with the Holocaust Museum in 2017 to present In Flight: The Story of Sabine Van Dam by Hester Kamin, created in response to a rise of anti-Semitic incidents in Collier County. Since its inception, this unique partnership has been witnessed by over 8,000 people in the Southwest Florida region.


45 Minutes

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As it grows more and more difficult to provide first-hand testimonials of Holocaust survivors for students, plays like ‘Remember’ keep these stories alive. ‘Remember’ tells a difficult story and contextualizes the Holocaust for students in an urgent, engaging, memorable way. Abe Price was passionate about telling his story and our hope is that this play honors his memory and his desire to ensure what happened to him and so many others is never forgotten,”

Steven Calakos


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A Comprehensive Experience

Remember: The Story of Abe Price is now available to book for middle & high schools, and community organizations in Southwest Florida.

Intended Age: 7th – 12th Grade
Standards: Holocaust Studies, History, Social Studies, Language Arts, Theatre
Classroom Performance: $750
Assembly Performance for Up to 200 Students: $1000

Classroom performances include 1) a pre-show lesson taught by an Education staff member, 2) the performance of Remember with actor talkback, and 3) a post-performance activity designed to encourage students to reflect and discuss content, themes, and their response to the play. Assembly performances will include the second components.

To learn more, please contact Steven Calakos at or 239-261-7529 x207.

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