“The Lady Demands Satisfaction” satisfies greatly

This lady demands satisfaction — as we all should when we attend the theater — and I certainly found it at Gulfshore Playhouse’s superlative production of “The Lady Demands Satisfaction.”

This delightfully silly spoof by Arthur M. Jolly is a Florida premiere; the theater discovered it among the submissions for its New Works Festival. Unfortunately, by the time it was chosen, it had already been staged elsewhere (by Chicago’s Babes With Blades Theatre Company), disqualifying it for the local festival.

But then something better happened: Gulfshore Playhouse decided to stage a full production of the show.

I’m so glad it did because now, instead of just a staged reading, we get the pleasure of a full set, lighting, fabulous costumes and cleverly choreographed dances and swordfights.

Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly

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