BWW Review: THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION at Gulfshore Playhouse is Sidesplittingly Sharp!

THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION at Gulfshore Playhouse, directed by Jeffrey Binder, is a fun tale about dueling and deception.

When Trothe (Betsy Hogg) learns her father has died, she has to make an important decision in order to keep her inheritance protected. She must find a way to defend her home by defeating any challengers through duels, but whether or not she does so herself is the question. She enlists her skilled sword fighting aunt, Theodosia (Amy Blackman) to teach her how to duel.

When the idea to have Trothe marry someone to duel for her seems to have failed, Trothe’s servants, Tilly (Emily Cramer) and Penelope (Tarah Flanagan), come up with a plan to turn Tilly into a Prussian swordsman and have her lose to a duel with Trothe. They hope that this would scare any other person who might want to duel Trothe away. However, this is a comedy, so of course, things don’t go… exactly as planned. When the real Prussian fencing master, Luitger (Rebecca Brinkley), shows up, Tilly and Penelope must find a way to keep their plan intact.

Emily Yorgey, Broadway World

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