Renee Baker

Costume Designer

A designer and a stylist, Renee Baker is also an Air Force Veteran, holds a Master’s Degree in Apparel Design, is training to become a yoga instructor, and is an entrepreneur–having founded Tiger Stone Studios, based in Fort Myers FL, which hosts personal styling services, digital media productions, and collaborative creative space for other artists. With a background in fashion, Renee has been costume designing for close to a decade. Whether on stage, the catwalk, or alongside her personal clients, her design philosophy embraces beauty, collaboration, and the art of self expression. She believes clothing is a powerful element of storytelling, and that when people look their best, they feel their best, and perform their best. Renee expresses her love for life, art, and connection through every design.

Previous Costume Design Credits at Gulfshore Playhouse: Another Revolution (April 2022), Love Letters, Native Gardens, Holmes and Watson, StarCrossed (Romeo and Juliet), Shipwrecked (The Tempest).

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