Announcing the 2017-2018 Season

When two struggling actors hear that an elderly woman in York, PA plans on leaving her immense fortune to her late sister’s long lost children, Max and Steve, they see an opportunity to end to their woes. What seems like a perfect plan quickly dissolves into mayhem as they discover that the woman’s relatives are not nephews, but nieces! Jack and Leo give their greatest performance yet as “Maxine and Stephanie” in this laugh out loud comedy by the genius who brought us Fox on the Fairway and The Game’s Afoot.

Directed by Darren Katz


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Gail Paster
Adopting a Costume Designer: Lois and Bruce Selfon


As two estranged brothers return to their childhood home for the first time in three decades, an old attic filled with memories becomes a staging ground for conflict between past and present, success and failure, and obligation and choice. In what is perhaps the most personal play written by Arthur Miller, the consummate voice of the American experience, this riveting story about family invites us to examine how to make peace with the past in order to move toward a brighter future.

Directed by Kristen Coury

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Leo is in love with Feather and Octavio is in love with Chloe but their fathers, bosses of rival mafias, have other plans in mind. Hilarity ensues as the two young men look to their crafty servant, Scapino, to help them dupe their fathers into a grand scheme. In this bada-bing twist of Molière’s classic comedy, no one knows who will end up married and who will end up whacked. One thing is for certain: you’ll laugh so hard, your bada-boom will be sleeping with the fishes.

Conceived & Directed by Zeljko Djukic


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It’s been nearly 50 years since the notoriously reclusive Agnes Keller published her first and only book. In the wake of a life-changing event, Agnes’ small sanctuary is punctured by interruptions from a series of unwanted visitors.  Starring Playhouse favorites Amy Van Nostrand and Maureen Silliman, this funny and touching play grapples with the inevitability of change, the tangled tethers of family, and the very big question: what does an artist owe the world?

Directed by Emile Beck


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Lunacy meets laughter in this tour-de-force performance where two actors transform from master to maid, victim to villain, and living to “undead” at breakneck speed. Bringing together the best of Hitchcock, Gothic melodrama, and monster movies, this genre-bending comedy will send you to the wuthering heights of hilarity.

Directed by Kristen Coury


Show Sponors: Anne & Fred Stratton

Star Sponsor: Jerry Coury