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  • Much has been made of the fact that Gulfshore Playhouse and The Naples Players, only a handful of blocks apart in downtown Naples, have both announced “My Fair Lady” for 2016-17. The Lerner and Loewe musical about a Cockney street vendor who learns how to move about in high society is a classic. But the Naples troupes are presenting different versions.

    The Naples Players’ production (March 1-April 2) will have a full cast and orchestra at the Sugden Community Theatre, while Gulfshore Playhouse will stage a stripped-down version with 10 performers and two pianos at The Norris Center (Nov. 12-Dec. 11). Fans of the musical no doubt will want to see both productions, and students of the theater will be curious to see the two very different ways a show can be staged and conceptualized.

    My Fair Lady
    NANCY STETSON Florida Weekly
  • GIVING BIG: Philanthropist Jay Baker got rich growing Kohl’s stores – now he’s sharing the wealth and his time with Naples

    Philanthropist Jay Baker got rich growing Kohl's stores - now he's sharing the wealth and his time with Naples

    Philanthropist Jay Baker got rich growing Kohl’s stores – now he’s sharing the wealth and his time with Naples

    “I don’t understand why more people don’t donate to the community where they live,” said Baker, emphasizing that he and his wife don’t just write checks but get involved with the charities and causes they support.

    The couple’s other contributions include a $10 million endowment for the Baker Museum, which was formerly the Naples Museum of Art in 2007, and $10 million in February to help build a new 56,000-square-foot theater complex for Gulfshore Playhouse, which is operating out of the Norris Center.

    Jay Baker
    By JUNE FLETCHER Naples Daily News
  • Gulfshore Playhouse’s ‘The Who and the What’ compelling family story

    The-Who-and-The-What-2Let’s dispense with the fact the Gulfshore Playhouse offering, “The Who and the What,” is about a Muslim family. There are no veils in sight; sleeveless dresses and jeggings are in its women’s closets.

    “The Who and the What” is a roller-coaster ride that demands you hang on for dear life straight through, thanks to Gulfshore Playhouse’s strong, sensitive production.

    The Who and the What
    By Harriet Howard Heithaus Naples Daily News

    David Whalen and Jeffrey Binder in An Enemy of the People

    David Whalen and Jeffrey Binder in An Enemy of the People

    We are so lucky to have so much glorious live theater available to us in SW Florida. Here are two I highly recommend, such opposites, one light and almost silly, and one dark, and almost hopeful. Get to them both.

    First, there is a new version of Ibsen’s “The Enemy of the People” at the Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples. They playwright is Rebecca Lenkiewicz, with a literal translation by Charlotte Barslund. Under the superb direction of Kristen Coury, Gulfshore’s Founder and Artistic Director, that stage is electrified. There are nothing but brilliant performances by the nine Equity actors. You won’t see anything better on Broadway.


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    An Enemy of the People
    THEATER NOTES by Sidney B. Simon
  • REVIEW: ‘Enemy’ at Gulfshore Playhouse a sharp look at uncomfortable truths

    Lindsey Kyler, Jessica Wortham, and Jeffrey Binder in An Enemy of the People

    Lindsey Kyler, Jessica Wortham, and Jeffrey Binder in An Enemy of the People

    A pervasive undercurrent of selfishness in “An Enemy of the People” cools its characters’ best intentions. Director Kristen Coury mines the dramatic potential in those moments skillfully, particularly where they reveal two brothers doomed to an inability to communicate with each other. At the moment when Aslaksen points out to Dr. Stockmann that his study will ruin the community he wants to save, the doctor hesitates. David Stockmann tromps all over the opportunity, coldly demanding his hat and cane.

    REVIEW: ‘Enemy’ at Gulfshore Playhouse
    By Harriet Howard Heithaus of the Naples Daily News
  • Gulfshore Playhouse confronts a 19th-century controversy with new relevance

    The Cast of An Enemy of the People

    The Cast of An Enemy of the People

    The drama is distilled. The water is not.

    In fact, the water is poisonous, and on that frightening truth turns the streamlined version of Hendrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” Gulfshore Playhouse’s current production. It opens Saturday at the Norris Community Center in Naples, and its tenets sound eerily familiar.

    Intra-play dramas appear like layers in a torte as you slice into it. The audience must choose which one they partake of most intensely. Sibling rivalry. The vulnerability, despite its posturing, of the media. Corporate/governmental obfuscation. The public’s self-imposed quotient for denial. Greed and hubris. This is a heavy, but richly filling, work.

    An Enemy of the People
    By Harriet Howard Heithaus of the Naples Daily News

From our Patrons:

  • Professional Theater in a Small Town: All equity actors perform four to six plays per season. Double check the schedule before you visit Naples to see if Gulfshore has a play being performed when you are in town. Also any seat is a good seat. Small theater.

    Patron from Naples, Florida
  • Superb theater….put it on your list!: Gulfshore Playhouse offers consistently superb theater–whether it be a comedy or a drama. The productions are often thought-provoking and the performances are first class. Artistic Director Kristen Coury’s casting is always right-on with Equity actors’ performances taking this playhouse’s productions to the next level. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon matinee or evening performance; call ahead for reservations as tickets go quickly. The word is out about Gulfshore Playhouse!

    Patron from Florida
  • Fabulous Theater in a Resort Town: Live theater at this venue is so good, so professional, so surprising, that it’s like being at an Off Broadway play in NYC. Kristen Coury, Founder and Producing Artistic Director, auditions professional, Actors Equity talent, often from New York, to cast in her productions. If you care for live theater, make sure to take in a play at Gulfshore Playhouse.

    Patron from Naples, Florida
  • Superb theatre at Gulfshore Playhouse This small theatre has consistently excellent productions. All performances feature Actors Equity actors who are top of their game. The scenery designs are always amazing. If you are in Naples during season, check out a production. You won’t be disappointed. We have seen every play for the past three years and every one was a quality production. Reasonable prices as well.

    Patron from Naples FL
  • A stimulating evening diversion from the sun and sand. Visitors to Naples will find that the Gulfshore Playhouse offers a stimulating diversion from the sun and the sand at night. This company hires professional actors and every performance that I have seen here has been excellent. My only desire is that the seating would be made more comfortable. It is bearable for the quality.

    Patron from Naples FL
  • Play on! Gulfshore Playhouse productions are so terrific! You will forget where you are. Every play has equity actors from New York. Kristen Coury provides the best, professional theatre experience you could wish for, at. A very low number cost.

    Gulfshore Playhouse Patron from Naples FL
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