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  • Seacrest Country Day grad-to-be devoted to classic languages, theater

    For most high school students, lunch breaks and summer vacations are times to relax and have fun.

    Emma Minges is not most high school students.

    The Seacrest Country Day School graduate-to-be spends her free time delving into the Greek classics and learning how to read and write Sanskrit, the ancient language of South Asia. (more…)

  • Gulfshore Playhouse plans to build state-of-the-art theater and education complex


    More than a decade ago, Kristen Coury started Gulfshore Playhouse in the back of her condominium.

    She saw the need for a professional theater group in Naples, and it has thrived, growing into its rented staging digs at the Norris Community Center, where it’s operated since 2006.

    But Coury has bigger dreams — dreams of building a permanent home for her not-for-profit group — and she’s one step closer to realizing them. (more…)

  • REVIEW: ‘Christians’ examines all sides of spirituality

    The play is a single 90-minute act, but loads an incredible amount of food for thought in that time. Every character throws out a balance of flaws and greatness and every one asks questions that guarantee you’ll go home talking about them. (more…)

    The Christians
    Harriet Howard Heithaus Naples Daily News
  • Spiritually cerebral ‘The Christians’ opens at Gulfshore Playhouse

    Gulfshore Playhouse’s 2016-17 season comes to a close on a thought-provoking note with “The Christians,” in which playwright Lucas Hnath addresses forged relationships and the splits that divide them. (more…)

    The Christians
    KATHY GREY Florida Weekly
  • Hell, no! Gulfshore Playhouse packs a wallop with ‘The Christians’

    This little 90-minute play packs a wallop. The ending, which I will not reveal, is incredibly powerful, though also open to interpretation.

    It’s unlike anything else I can recall seeing, and my feelings and thoughts about it changed repeatedly within 24 hours after seeing it; I suspect they’ll continue to change as I keep musing on this oddly affecting play.


    The Christians
    Nancy Stetson Florida Weekly
  • Minister’s dilemma a drama with questions for all

    Church fissures over dogmatic beliefs take on nuances far beyond whether you like the new hymns or not.

    “The Christians” isn’t out to skewer spirituality, as much as it is to pin down the foundations of faith. As a character in the upcoming Gulfshore Playhouse drama is about to reveal, that’s a slippery proposition: (more…)

    The Christians
    Harriet Howard Heithaus Naples Daily News

From our Patrons:

  • Professional Theater in a Small Town: All equity actors perform four to six plays per season. Double check the schedule before you visit Naples to see if Gulfshore has a play being performed when you are in town. Also any seat is a good seat. Small theater.

    Patron from Naples, Florida
  • Superb theater….put it on your list!: Gulfshore Playhouse offers consistently superb theater–whether it be a comedy or a drama. The productions are often thought-provoking and the performances are first class. Artistic Director Kristen Coury’s casting is always right-on with Equity actors’ performances taking this playhouse’s productions to the next level. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon matinee or evening performance; call ahead for reservations as tickets go quickly. The word is out about Gulfshore Playhouse!

    Patron from Florida
  • Fabulous Theater in a Resort Town: Live theater at this venue is so good, so professional, so surprising, that it’s like being at an Off Broadway play in NYC. Kristen Coury, Founder and Producing Artistic Director, auditions professional, Actors Equity talent, often from New York, to cast in her productions. If you care for live theater, make sure to take in a play at Gulfshore Playhouse.

    Patron from Naples, Florida
  • Superb theatre at Gulfshore Playhouse This small theatre has consistently excellent productions. All performances feature Actors Equity actors who are top of their game. The scenery designs are always amazing. If you are in Naples during season, check out a production. You won’t be disappointed. We have seen every play for the past three years and every one was a quality production. Reasonable prices as well.

    Patron from Naples FL
  • A stimulating evening diversion from the sun and sand. Visitors to Naples will find that the Gulfshore Playhouse offers a stimulating diversion from the sun and the sand at night. This company hires professional actors and every performance that I have seen here has been excellent. My only desire is that the seating would be made more comfortable. It is bearable for the quality.

    Patron from Naples FL
  • Play on! Gulfshore Playhouse productions are so terrific! You will forget where you are. Every play has equity actors from New York. Kristen Coury provides the best, professional theatre experience you could wish for, at. A very low number cost.

    Gulfshore Playhouse Patron from Naples FL
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