Gulfshore Playhouse Announces Lindsay Cook As Its New Production Manager

Gulfshore Playhouse is welcoming Lindsay Cook as the new production manager. A native of Michigan, she has worked for a number of notable arts organizations across the country over the course of her career.

Cook previously served as assistant production manager at Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, where she worked on both musicals and plays at America’s oldest theater. She has also served as associate production manager at Alley Theatre in Houston, where she worked with a team of 55 artisans to bring 13 shows a season to two stages, and was involved in the $65-million renovation of Alley’s Hubbard Theatre.

Cook’s resume also includes a stint as production manager at Ballet Memphis, where she worked with multiple venues and managed the travel and accommodations of 18 dancers on the road. There she became skilled at “found space” performances, managing shows in a range of out-of-the-ordinary venues such as hotel ballrooms, art galleries, and the Memphis Zoo.

Cook brings her respect for the artistic process and the many people involved in that process to her new role at Gulfshore Playhouse. “I think I am known for recognizing and taking care of artists and artisans, while also making sure we are on task and on time,” she said. “I acknowledge that the work we make comes from our bodies (both on stage and in the shops) and is therefore very personal. I treat everyone who is part of our process with respect and dignity.”