Getting to Know: Joel Markus

Joel Markus is the Managing Director at Gulfshore Playhouse.

Q: What age did you discover you were interested in theatre? Was there a particular event or experience that revealed your interest?

I was in a 5th grade production of OLIVER and have been in theatre ever since! In high school and college, I focused on technical skills and more specifically, stage management. I appreciate working with professionals towards a common goal and being part of the creative team.

Q: You were previously a production manager, how did you decide to pursue that particular career?

Throughout my career, I have utilized the same organization and communication skills– and my greatest pride is faciliatating other people’s work. While it was great to be in the trenches as a stage manager, I continue to find joy looking out for the big picture of the organization.

Q: And from being a Production Manager, you became a Managing Director! Can you talk about what role a Managing Director plays in a theatre?

I still do a lot of the behind the scenes work! I am a partner with Artistic Director, Kristen Coury, to manage all aspects and the overall operations of Gulfshore Playhouse. In addition to budgets and personnel, I have a hand in collaborating with, and supervising, all departments.

Q: What does a typical day in your role look like?

I spend a lot of time in meetings. We’re the ultimate communicators and planners, so we don’t like surprises or anything to slip through the cracks. Kristen and I are frequently strategizing about how to handle new and unique situations and also maintain the positive culture of our people.

Q: What is your proudest achievement at Gulfshore Playhouse so far?

I continue to be proud of the team we have assembled– all experts in their field from managers, administrators, technicians, accountants, designers, and artisans. I am also impressed with the work we are doing designing and planning our new theatre and education center. I cannot wait to be standing in the new lobby greeting our great patrons!