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IMG_9983Kristen Coury is the Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Gulfshore Playhouse. This season, she will be blogging every Saturday. 
Late Thursday evening, the night of our kick-off reading of RUST ON BONE by Bianca Sams, I was at home preparing for the rehearsal of SHEPHERD’S BUSH I had early the next morning.  Around midnight, I got a text from Cody Nickell, our Artistic Associate.
The text conversation proceeded like this:
Cody: I’m sorry you didn’t join us all for a celebratory drink tonight after the show.  I didn’t touch base before leaving because I assumed you’d be coming.  Everyone is thrilled.
Kristen: I had to work!  I’m blocking Shepherd’s Bush now.  I’m sorry I couldn’t join you.  Thrilled how?
Cody:  Just a lot of effusive joy at how tonight went.  So many people thanking Gulfshore Playhouse for bringing them here.  Lots of excitement.  Playwright rallying. Actor joy.    I’m sorry you weren’t there.
Kristen: It’s amazing right?  It’s really exciting to see so many wonderful artists and great art happening.  It’s like, you know, what you hope for when you start a theatre company.
Cody:  Yeah.  So keep that close to your heart.
Amidst Board Meeting prep, 727 emails, health benefits, workers’ comp, gala arrangements, training the 17 new staff members that are starting this month, and moving into new office space, it’s a port in a storm to have this week of “art-making,” occurring – a week where four incredibly talented humans come bring the stuff of their dreams, which somehow originally got transcribed onto a page, miraculously transported onto a stage.  I am honored and proud to be a part of it, personally, and happy Gulfshore Playhouse can play this important role in helping birth new plays into the world, and fostering the playwright’s process.
But most of all, I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve: the playwrights, the art form, and the canon of American Theatre.
And don’t worry, Cody.  I will.

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