Would You Like to Volunteer for Gulfshore Playhouse?
First, let us make clear that we understand that in this day and age, with charities and volunteer opportunities abound, but time itself seems to be shrinking, that we appreciate the fact that you are here and considering donating some of your precious time to what we consider a worthwhile cause.

We have so many ways you can help!!

They include:

We are always looking for ushers: If you like the idea of getting to see the show for free, and are willing to donate some of your time, we need you! Usher requirements are the following:

  • Please be willing to usher for two shows of each performance (you will be able to watch once)
  • Be willing to arrive no later than 1 hour before the performance
  • Be willing to stay after the show (if you watch) for five minutes to help us tidy up
  • Wear an outfit with black on the bottom and white on top, and most importantly, bring your smile!

Fundraising event planning: On top of our productions, we have multiple events each year and we need help with the details! Join the committee, head the committee, find a space we can rent, help type letters, find sponsorship, input addresses, write letters. It’s all important at this stage of the game!

Mailings: Let’s state the obvious first! Any start-up organization is going to need lots of hands stuffing envelopes and licking stamps to get the word out there!! It’s all about education and awareness. The more people who know about us, the more money we can raise, the more events we can stage, the more quickly we can get to our goal of a new performing arts facility!!

Volunteering at the events: Depending on the event, there’s always work to be done. If it’s a theatrical event, we may need help working backstage, ushering, handing out programs, etc. If it’s a fundraising event, we’ll need help setting up the room, the equipment, getting people to the right location, etc.

Working on the productions: Do you have skills in carpentry or sewing? We could always use a few helping hands when our staff is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the costumes or set of our next production!

Monetary support: Donations are always welcome! Without continuing to raise funds, the rest is impossible. If you can, now is a great time to write a check. Or attend our next event and encourage 10 of your friends to come with you!! If you know of a business owner that might like to sponsor us or buy an ad, be sure to let us know.

Do you think you’d like to help? Please take a moment to fill in the form below. This will help us to know who you are and how we can best match your talents and interests with our volunteer opportunities.

For questions, please contact Audience Services Coordinator Becca Borchardt at bborchardt@gulfshoreplayhouse.org.


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