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Kristen Coury is Gulfshore Playhouse’s Founder and Producing Artistic Director.

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Kelly Capolino (Playhouse Partner), Kristen Coury, and Liz Jessee (Playhouse Partner). 

This morning we had a lovely breakfast for our Playhouse Partners. And we were honored with the presence of several actors from this season’s shows, as well as Matt Pfeiffer, the Barrymore-Award winning director who is directing our production of Moon Over Buffalo.

While answering a panel question, I heard Matt say something like “Kristen has a board to face, a staff to communicate with, patrons to satisfy, guest artists to navigate, artistic values to maintain, and all that before she even gets to turn her head to what she’s directing next.”

And I thought “how fascinating…he’s right…and he doesn’t even know the half of it!”

We’ve got a lot going on here at Gulfshore Playhouse – a LOT. Shows closing and opening, classes being scheduled and taught, people being hired and trained, sets being built, lights being purchased, plays being commissioned, season selections being chosen, and OH so much more.

But, the thought of the day is “you’re only as good as your team.” And, here at Gulfshore

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Kristen speaking at the Playhouse Partners breakfast meeting on January 27th.

Playhouse, I am so blessed to say: the team is GREAT! And when I say team, I don’t ONLY mean our wonderful staff members (although of course I mean them first and foremost), I mean our Board Members, our Playhouse Partners, our volunteer ushers, our creative teams and our professional actors. We are blessed to have built an Army for the Arts, and thanks to all of them, we are doing “Theatre with a Capital T” proud.

That is the thought for the day. And now I have to go. There’s more theatre to make.

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