‘The Whipping Man’ a powerful and moving production

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The performances are all perfectly assured and convincing. Biko Eisen-Martin is a magnetic presence as John. Johnnie Hobbs Jr. is expressive and passionate as Simon. As Caleb, Cody Nickell, who has appeared here before, gives the strongest performance we have seen from him.
The set is a wonder, evocative and in its own way beautiful, a symbol of ruin. The lighting completes the picture.

For all its unusual premise and its central irony, “The Whipping Man” is a somewhat old-fashioned piece of stagecraft. There are portions of the play where the characters hardly move, performing their words like opera singers their arias. The action and the revelations are predictable. However, the play reminds us how an old-fashioned well-constructed play, expertly presented, can be powerful and moving.