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Tension-filled play looks at the power and sexual politics lurking within S&M

Kelley Curran in VENUS IN FUR by David Ives
Kelley Curran in VENUS IN FUR.

Lightning flashes outside Thomas’ New York City audition studio, but don’t mistake that low rumble for mere thunder.
It’s the sound of a man’s life changing forever.

Of course, poor Thomas doesn’t know that when a young actress bursts into his studio several hours late and asks to audition for his new play – an adaptation of the S&M-filled novel “Venus in Fur.”

Thomas does get a little suspicious, though. For one thing, the actress just happens to have the same name as the script’s female character, Vanda. And for someone who claims to have only glanced at the play, Vanda has an impressive grasp of both the script and the original novel.