REVIEW: ‘Do This’ paean to mother’s devotion, despair

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REVIEW: ‘Do This’ paean to mother’s devotion, despair


The Gulfshore Playhouse production of “Do This,” which runs through Jan. 28, is actually the play’s world premiere, one proposed to Founding Artistic Director Kristen Coury by Broadway producer Ken Davenport (“Spring Awakening,” “The Visit”). As such it was being fussed over even last week in preview performances; there are plans for this play to go further, and by the look of Wednesday’s performance it certainly should.

There’s a critical requirement. All its stars need to be as brilliant as Carmen Cusack, who assumes  the voice of the fatalist speech pathologist, the vanilla-voiced institutional wonks, even a courtroom judge and a rabbi. Cusack paces the stage, a caged tiger with the fury of watching all the institutions founded to help her tell her they can’t. In most cases, they don’t even call back, and she’s left to bide her time plucking her eyebrows, a quirky homage to her beautiful psychologist mother and her belief that beauty equals power.

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