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Review: ‘Constellations’ explores ‘what-ifs’ of life


Gulfshore Playhouse deserves high praise for beginning its 2016-17 season with such a creative, thought-provoking drama. Eastwood Norris and Nickell brilliantly command the stage, which actually juts out into the audience compared to previous Playhouse productions. The actor and actress with British accents flawlessly create something magical in the 75 minutes.

They also drop many F-bombs, which offended two theater-goers who were heard mumbling before exiting about 30 minutes into “Constellations.”

But the expletives (often ending in “ing”) provide emphasis. And, let’s be honest, the British dropping F-bombs sounds so much cooler when they say it.

Exiting the play, one woman remarked, “Well, that was different.” It was, and I’m hoping Gulfshore Playhouse continues to expand its universe with such entertaining and intellectually stimulating theater.

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