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In Naples, Florida you do not have to spend a “fortune” getting to and getting home from a professional performance!
The Gulfshore Playhouse is located just a few minutes from the “main drag” of Naples shopping center or Fifth Avenue South. There seemed to be adequate parking which increases the enjoyment of going to professional theatre without the worry of parking a reasonable distance from the theatre entrance. The production I recently saw was “Boeing, Boeing”, which was a comedy and professionally presented. During the intermission there was a 50%-50% raffle between the raffle participants and the theater based on ticket numbers. As my friends and I left the theater, I suggested to my friend that she see if she had won the raffle, and to both her and my surprise, she DID win and the staff gave to her the percentage of the raffle winnings. This was a lovely addition to a theater experience rather than everyone at every place these days asking, asking, asking for donations! The theater and staff and actors provided a friendly environment which was a delight to experience. Besides what I’ve mentioned, there was a bulletin board on which theater staff wanted to learn the demographics of their audience. That also was a lovely and personal touch. I look forward to returning to Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples for many more performances.
Visited November 2015