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Very nice ‘summer-stock’ theater type …. Good acoustics but simple seating.: This is another choice that there is in Naples. Not to get into the plays, playwrights, acting etc as it’s play & patron specific, but the theater is inside a community center building, on a stage that you look-up at, you sit on portable stacking chairs like you have at a banquet. Plays can be without intermission; avg 1 3/4 – 2 hours in length.
Acoustics are not a issue nor lighting. Parking is around the theater, but if your near curtain time, you may have to look. Doors open 1 hour before & ‘will-hold’ is right there … No hassle. Restrooms are immediately there.

Have a pre-dinner on 3rd St (10 minutes drive), 5th Avenue (10 to 15 minute walk), or on 8th St ((5 minute walk).

Pick your dinner & play; good weather = good time.