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Loving what you Do and Doing what you Love

IMG_3454-0Kristen Coury is Gulfshore Playhouse’s Founder and Producing Artistic Director.

I don’t know what it feels like to have to go to work and do something you hate. I just don’t. I am so blessed in that way. People have often heard me say that I serve Theatre with a Capital T. I do. Theatre, and the change it can make, and the feelings it can make us feel, and the ways that it can connect us are unparalleled in my opinion. Aristotle classified Theatre as a Healing Art.


And so, I have ENORMOUS JOY when, due to the fact I made a small investment in what is sure to be a glorious Broadway hit, I can connect WORK and PASSION and ENTERTAINMENT and MAKING CONNECTIONS and MEETING CELEBRITIES all in one fabulous night. I have the ability to attend the Opening Night ON BROADWAY.

Nathan Lane
Matthew Broderick
Stockard Channing
F. Murray Abraham
Jack O’Brien
and Rupert Grint = maybe Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff will be at the party??

its only a playI have been posting #squealing with excitement posts on Facebook for weeks. And I am. By the time this blog hits it will have come and gone and I will be able to fill you in, but TODAY I write this as I’m about to board a plane to the Big White Way.

Love what you do. How could anything be better?? All this happened because I began following Producer Ken Davenport’s blog. Who knows what might happen because you follow mine??

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