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Naples play Informed Consent dives into ethics, faith, genetics and more

Edward O’Blenis, Liz Hayes, and Danny Bolero, from left to right, act out a scene from Informed Consent at the Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples, Fla. on January 5, 2016. (Logan Newell/Special to the Daily News)

Gulfshore Playhouse is taking on 2016 in a big way with almost-brand-spanking-new play “Informed Consent.” The work, which director Kristen Coury calls “emotionally stirring,” is about a scientist, a Native American tribe, faith, ethics, genetics, motherhood and ultimately, about the future.

It’s the kind of reality show people should be watching.

“Informed Consent” poses questions about the right to know information, the consequences of knowing that information and whether it is better to live life in the present or try and race toward the future.