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What would you do? ‘Informed Consent’ is an exploration in science, faith and philosophical debate

Danny Bolero in Informed Consent

Director Kristen Couryuses the five actors (who play a variety of roles) to stage a swirling dance of fact, belief, myth and a surprising amount of thoughtful philosophical debate. Giant file cabinets soar to the ceiling while a clear blue sky sits on the horizon. Christopher Rhoton’s set and Jimmy Lawlor’s evocative lighting creates both infinite possibilities and a yawning divide between the debate participants.

The practically brand-new play, in just its fourth-ever production, juggles several issues. Coury’s staging highlights different perspectives while maintaining some levity. Laufer’s script plays out like a fairy tale (literally beginning with “once upon a time”), contrasting Jillian’s absolute faith in the advances ofmedical technology against the tribe’s beliefs.