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Gulfshore Playhouse presents ‘Informed Consent’ through Jan.

Danny Bolero and Cynthia Bastidas in Informed Consent

The Gulfshore Playhouse at the Norris Center in Naples is proud to present its newest production, ‘Informed Consent’. The play invokes a deep introspection among its audience as it introduces them to many perspectives and the unveiling of a universal truth: Everyone has something that inspires them to work harder, love better, and truly live, but what happens when it is suddenly taken away?

The play covers the lives of many: It is a play about Jillian, a woman suffering from a disease that will steal her memory away from her, leaving her husband and small child helpless in the face of it.

The production explores a Native American tribe warring against a myriad of challenges that have dramatically changed its way of life, and then battling the scientist who would steal secrets locked within the entity they hold most dear – their own blood.

It’s a play about a scientist desperately trying to reconcile the means through which information is acquired knowing that the consequence is people being hurt in the process.

The scenes inspire the audience to ask themselves, “What defines me? What if it no longer could?”