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Universal truths revealed in ‘Informed Consent’

Edward O’Blenis, Liz Hayes, and Cynthia Bastidas in Informed Consent Gulfshore Playhouse

Gulfshore Playhouse presents “Informed Consent,” a drama written by Deborah Zoe Laufer and directed locally by Kristen Coury.

It’s the story of Jillian, a woman suffering from a disease that will steal her memory away from her, leaving her husband and small child helpless in the face of it. It’s also about a Native American tribe warring against a myriad of challenges that have dramatically changed its way of life and battling the scientist who would steal secrets locked within the entity they hold most dear: their own blood. And finally, it’s a play about a scientist desperately trying to reconcile the means through which information is acquired, knowing that the consequence is people being hurt in the process.

These stories unveil a universal truth about what defines a person and motivates someone to get up in the morning, to work harder, love better and play more. If those things were suddenly taken away, what becomes of the person?

Although “Informed Consent” asks such questions of a very specific set of characters, they could be anybody.