Kristen Coury
Founder and Producing Artistic Director

Jeffrey Binder
Associate Artistic Director

Audrey Zielenbach
Artistic Content Curator

Ashley Brooks
Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director


Elizabeth Rountree
Chief Development Officer

Alisa Marie Coccari
Director of Events

Kelly Colligan
Manager of Donor Relations

Kendra Andreska
Development Intern


Alyson McCoy
Business Manager

Emily Hauger
Company Manager

Braddy Rojas
Audience Services Coordinator

Christina Bignotti
Marketing/Front of House Intern

McKenzie Eury
Administrative Intern

Mackenzie Hinrichs
Company Management Intern


Cory Dunn
Production Manager

Alex Van K
Technical Director

Jennifer Bronsted
Costume Shop Manager

Graham Zellers
Director of Lighting

Kelli Tysinger
Scenic Charge

Tina Martin
Sound Engineer

Jonathan Borgia
Props Master

Jerry Zuraw
Assistant Technical Director

Amelia Vaughn
Assistant Production Manager

Renee Baker
Assistant Costume Shop Manager

Madison Miller
Wardrobe Supervisor

Lindsay Raines
Master Electrician

Emily Yoder
Scenic Painter

Hayley Westphal
Props Artisan

Matt Crossman
Master Carpenter

Nicolas Benavides

Cheslea Andrade
Production Assistant Intern

Dana Katz
Production Assistant Intern

Morgan Jordan
Production Assistant Intern

Mariah Bowen
General Technician Intern

Vivian Brackett
General Technician Intern