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Review: Gulfshore Playhouse solves ‘Case of the Critic Who Knew Too Much’

Claire Brownell in THE GAME'S AFOOT. Photographer: Pedro Zepeda.
Claire Brownell in THE GAME’S AFOOT.
Photographer: Pedro Zepeda.

The gentleman behind me served up a running commentary during opening night of Gulfshore Playhouse’s “The Game’s Afoot.” The second act alone earned five squawks of “that’s funny!” Two more “now that’s really funny!” An additional “now that’s hilarious!” came as tuxedo-clad Cody Nickell and partner-in-body-hiding-crime Christopher Gerson stepped backward (in unison, mind you) over a divine white leather couch like guilty penguins reversing smoothly over a whale. It was sublime, especially the encore in the opposite direction.
Marotta guns “Game” like a Ferrari, sending his all-Equity professional cast tumbling over furniture, up and down stairs, through doors and over the rotating hidden bar with obvious glee. Trust that like any mystery, if a dead body can pop up, out or in, it most definitely will.