Special Thanks to all Who Contribute to Gulfshore Playhouse

We are so very pleased to recognize these donors to Gulfshore Playhouse for the period July 10, 2017 – July 10, 2018.

Made possible by the generosity of our


Jane & Steve Akin


Patty & Jay Baker


Linda & Bob Harden
Dottie & John Remondi


Christine and Terrance Flynn
Valerie & Nizar Ghoussaini
Rosemary & Don Gunther
Christine Paddock




Nancy & Tom Gallagher
Gail Paster
Racetrac Petroleum
Anne & Frederick Stratton


Tennille & Aaron Sevigny

Julie & Sam Wyman

SPONSOR A STAR 2017-2018

Allen & Joyce Gerstein
Sarann & Stanley Kraushaar
Linda & Jim Malone
Alice & Chuck Simons

Jerry Coury


FineMark Bank
Joyce & Patrick Coughlan


CINDERELLA: Erika & Peter Aron

JACK & BEAN STALK: Sweet Sheldon Construction


Brooke & Gerard de Gunzburg
Sharen & Gary Thomas
Julie & Sam Wyman


Jane & Steve Akin
Sarann & Stan Kraushaar
Jerry Nichols
Christine & Terry Flynn

Golf Tournament Sponsors:

Golf Shirt Sponsor:


Tournament Sponsor:

Beverage Cart Sponsors:

Kristin & John Miller

Trophy Sponsors:

John & Pat Nyikos

Golf Ball Sponsors:

Golf Trophy Sponsor:

John Nyikos

Hole Sponsors:
Claudia & Rob Amen (1)
Dave Bego EMS (2)
Gary & Marsha Bertrand (1)
Tarren Bragdon (1)
Adrianne and Dennis Cady (1)
Laura and Dennis Donovan (1)
Robert J. Fauls (2)
Carol Gilman (9)
Gravina Smith Matte & Arnold (1)
Jim Henderson (1)
Dr. George Markovich, MD (1)
Pat Sweet & Bill Marsh (1)
Tony McMunn (2)
Larry & Linda Meyer (1)
Jack & Debra Millstein (1)
Moran Edwards (4)
Cindy and Tony Panzica (1)
State Senator Kathleen Passidomo (1)
Premier Sotheby’s International Realty – Leah Ritchey & Amy (1)
Leah Ritchey (2)
Kathleen & Francis Rooney (1)
TerraCap Management, LLC (2)
Diana and Jim Wagner (1)
David Wallace (1)

The Angel's Circle

Jane and Steve Akin


Patty and Jay Baker
Rosemary and Don Gunther
Richard and Jennifer Housh
The McCabe Family
Dr. Bud and Mrs. Thelma Negley


Gail Paster


Erika and Peter Aron
Bobbi and David Drobis
Valerie and Nizar Ghoussaini
George and Patricia Kraus
Cohen & Grigsby
FE and Jack Nortman

Christine Paddock
Susan Regenstein and Barry Frank
Dottie and John Remondi
The Shubert Foundation
The Snyder Family Foundation
Harriet and Donald Young

The Producer's Circle
$10,000 - $19,999

BMO Harris Bank
Patricia and John Cochran
Kristen Coury
Christine and Terrance Flynn
The Galliford-Mulard Foundation
Kathleen Glass
Mariann and Robert MacDonald
Tony and Pat McMunn
Barbara and John Morgan

Chan and Joseph Pike
Racetrac Petroleum
Lois and Bruce Selfon
Tennille and Aaron Sevigny
Karen and Samuel Smith
Anne and Fred Stratton
Glenda and Richard Struthers
United Arts Council of Collier County
Julie and Sam Wyman

The Director's Circle

Joyce and Georg Albers-Schonberg
Harold Alfond Foundation
Jodi Bertholdt
Mary and Phil Beuth
Mr. and Mrs. William Carlson
Jerry Coury
Bob and Terry Edwards
Fidelity Investments
FineMark Bank
Gates Construction
Jane and Neal Gelfand
Joyce and Allen Gerstein
Jean and Leo Hertzog

Judy and Marty Isserlis
C. Bruce and Holly Johnstone
Sarann and Stanley Kraushaar
Marilyn Lightner
Linda and Jim Malone
The Iqbal and Shelby Mamdani Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCulloch, Jr.
Daniel J. Meyer and Ann Harris
Debera and Jack Millstein
Nardella & Associates
Mary and John Nice

Nikki Norman
Cindy and Tony Panzica
Beth and Bill Reid
Susan and Steve Reimer
Anne and Mark Rubin
Howard and Elaine Specter
The Milly Ann and John Stewart Charitable Fund
Joan and James V. Talano
Sharen and Gary Thomas
Phil Wood
Denise Zutz

The Actor's Circle
$2,000 - $4,999

Marty and Patricia Adams
Claudia and Robert Amen
Donna and Will Bobb
Jeffrey and Babette Butler
Adrianne and Dennis Cady
Jane and Hal Cohen
Joyce and Patrick Coughlan
Jane Cullen
Jim and Shirley Curvey
Dr. Richard and Kyla de Asla

Harry Debes Family Foundation
Ann and Graham Frank
Edward G. and Catherine M. Galante
Arni Thorsteinson and Susan Glass
Bob and Linda Harden
Alan and Betsey Harris
Graceann and Jack Hoopes
Sandra and Jason Korn
Diane and Bob Levy
Jody and Gerald Lippes

Donna and Craig Manchen
James and Brigitte Marino
Kathleen and Roger Marino
Kristin and John Miller
Denis Olson
Louise Penta
Karen and Alan Reynolds
Anne and John Roberts
John Levy and Gail Rothenberg
Laura Scott

Charles Simons
Linda and Ken Sumner
Pat Sweet and Bill Marsh
Lisa Tashjian and John Tuccinardi
Lee and Marilyn Tenzer
Steve and Jean thoma
Katrin Van Dam and Tony Fross
Alice and Everett Van Hoesen
Mordechai and Michal Wiesler
Van Zandt and Myra Williams

The Actor's Circle
$1,000 to $1,999

Kathleen Abraham
Nancy and Alan Abramson
Stephanie and Marc Ackerman Family Fund
Vivienne and Barry Adams
Kathleen Azzariti
Ricki Baker and Steven Mason
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Barton
Myra and William Benedikt
Jane Purdy Berger
Richard and Jane Borchers Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Bill and Susan Brock
Bunny and John Brooks
Rick and Chris Cape
Mr. and Mrs. Eurelio Cavalier
Charles C. Cohen and Michele McKenney

The ExxonMobil Foundation
Dianne Farrell and George Walker
Coventine and Deanna Fidis
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Anne Gebbie
Germain BMW of Naples
Susan Gibbons
David and Janet Griffith
Laird and John Groody
Nancy and Tom Hanson
Clifford and Jacqueline Holland
Bea and Harry Hoopis
Francine Horn
Jacoby Nealon & McCain
Sarah White Kellam
Polly Keller
Francis and Janet Kelly
Barbara Lapham
Nancy and Nixon Lauridsen

The Robert and Barbara Levine Charitable Fund
Deborah and Herb Magid
Brian and Shelley Maher
Tina Matte
Melissa McClayton
Audrey and Andrew Messick
Kristin and John Miller
Fred and Joan Moosally
Naples Signature Collection
Wendy Needham
Hugh and Eliza Nevin
John and Pat Nyikos
William and Joyce O’Meara
Vicky and David Pendell
Ric and Laurie Phillips
Ann Ratner
Arlene and Terry Riegel

Tim Savage
Patsy Schroeder
Kristine and Davey Scoon
J. Finander Scott
Myra Shapiro
Craig and Sue Sincock
Ann Stallkamp
Barb and Harry Stratton
Jay and Toshiko Tompkins
Amy Van Nostrand
Carolyn Vogel
Stuart and Sarah Warshauer
Marla and Allen Weiss
Dave and Jane WIlson
Farron and Roger Winges
Karl and Joanne Wyss
Lou and Bruce Zellner
Judith and Leo Zickler

The Actor's Circle
$500 to $999

Linda Adamany
William and Renee Barry
James and Nancy Biello
Earle K. Borman, Jr
Ann and David Brennan
Katherine Burns
Darlene and Ronald Cindrich
Pamela and Robert R. D’Amore
Alice and Thomas Dyckman
Kathryn and Peter Easton
Jane and Jerry Evans
Jack and Pella Fingersh
Joanne Fowler

Judith and Samuel Friedland
Stephen Gauly
Gary and Karen Greg
Tom and Harlene Habel
Helen Jacobs
The Journal Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County
Angela Kaiser
Carolyn and Stephen Light
Linda Lovisa
John Lyngaas and Linda Noel
Leslie S. Magin
Joel and Lisa Markus

Phillip and Barbara McManus
Lew Paper
Joyce Poitras
Dell and Judy Pooler
Lance and Ellen Primis
Bob and Micki Ravitz
Richard and Kathleen Redfern
K.A. Ringbakk
Elizabeth W. Rountree
Louis and Anita Rutigliano
Barry and Eva Sands
Daphne Jameson and James Schmotter
Millie and James Sernovitz

Donald and Arlene Shapiro
Jeanne Sigler and Jim Fratto
Carolyn and Robert Simpson
Mackenzie Smith
Carla and Stephen Bogart
Mary Trevor
Elliott and Patti Trumbull
Patricia Wagner
Evelyn Waldron
Beverly F. and John D. Wernette
Nancy White
Dave and Jane Wilson
Kate Young and Jeff Cook

The Actor's Circle
$250 to $499

Anonymous (3)
Marshall and Shirley Besikof
Robert Birrell
Anna and Tarren Bragdon
Dr. James and Erica Buchweitz
Arthur and Marcia Campbell
Donna Carty and Alan Buchholz
John and Rita Cirrincione
Richard and Sandra Compagnone
Gary and Kathy Danler
James and Patricia DeMaio
Arlene and Ronald Diorio
Laura and Dennis Donovan
J.E. Ellsworth
Executive Management Services

Bob and Chris Fauls
Judith and Robert Faust
Andre and Evelyn Fogarasi
Howard and Heidi Gilbert
Terra Cap Management
Linda Hamburger
Georgia Hitzke
Lou and Eva Hoff
Peter Janson
Karen Kayser-Benson
Alexander and Annabel Kritzalis
Dorothy Leach
Barbara Ledinsky
John and Patricia Leikhim

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Levin
Susan Loop
Richard Macken
Ann Meisner and Richard Burton
Lawrence and Linda Meyer
Joe and Krys Mortellaro
Mrs. Susan Mullin-Scott
Robert and Ellis Naegele
Raymond O’Neill
Ron and Jan Pass
Kathleen and John Passidomo
Pierce Family Advised Fund
James and Colleen Potocki
Premier Sotheby’s International Realty –
Leah Ritchey and Amy Becker

Nathan Renner-Johnson and Alexander Macnow
Jane and Bruce Robert
Ellen Seigel
Maureen Silliman
Bob and Fran Simpson
Bonnie and Rick Singer
Beth Smith
Russ and Linda Southworth
Patricia and Marshall Sutker
Roz Travis and Matt Koch
Andy and Kathy Updegrove
Kathleen G. Volpe and Michael A. Shaner
Wert Family Foundation
Judy Zahn and Mell Melvyn

The Actor's Circle
$100 to $249

Anonymous (4)
Letitia and Charlotte Accarrino
Howard and Sheila Agranat
Robert and Meeyung Ainsworth
Janet and Frank Allocca
Katherine E. Andersen
Jack and Rose Andrews
Harry and Doris Bachman
Melody Bales
Joel Banow
Donna Beecher
Angela Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Allan M Bercaw
Donald E. and Eileen Bianchi
Art and Sue Bookbinder
Ken and Lois Borgman
Robert and Terry Bowen
John and B.J. Boyer
Edward and Yvonne Brandt
Linda and Rick Broderick
Barbara Burris
Patricia J. Bush
Robert S. and Charlotte Campbell
Ann and Michael Carr
Richard and Cathy Cathcart
Carol Cavanagh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Censits
Moya and Bob Chase
Anne and Greg Christensen
Wil Christiansen
Gary and Amy Clifton
Larry and Jennifer Coates
Edward and Deborah Conrad
Nancy Contardi
Salvatore B. and Marjorie H. Corrallo
Pamela Corrigan
Geraldine and Robert Corriveau
Darcy and John Cox
Joseph and Linda Curran
Regina Day
Robert and Anne Depew
David J Deutsch
Anne Dunlap
Ms. Gretchen Durkot and Mr. Thomas Selwold
Jamie Eckhold
Judi Elterman
Joan and Azariah Eshkenazi
David and Donna Eskra
Len Feiman
Donna Feinsmith
Geraldine Feldman
Anthony and Ann Fisher

Patricia Ford
George and Barbara Franks
Pail Freiberg
John and Maila Furanna
Julia Gilman
Edward and Maria Giovine
Dr. Stephen Goldberger
Margaret Golden
Ralph and Joan Goldman
Helene Gorman
Thomas Graney
Heather and Jonathan Greenfield
John and Elaine Guthrie
Christopher Hagan
Gordon and Judith Hammes
Mary Harmon
Richard and Madeline Hartnett
Mary and Dave Hauger
Mara and Robert Hayes
John and Susan Heard
Charles and Charla Henningsen
Mr. James Harrell and Ms. Joan Rudick
Donita Hill
Don and Deborah Hipes
Dean and Virginia Hodapp
Dian and John Holdeman
David and Kathy G Holmes
Sharon Hood
Irene Horowitz
E. Sue Huff
John and Judy Hushon
Jeffery and Jean Hutzler
jarlath jacobs
Doug and Holly Jensen
Elizabeth and James Jessee
John D. Jones
Susan and Stephen Jordan
Bruce and Mary Ann Junius
Ron and Arline Kaplan
Kurt Kaufman
Judith B. Kaufman
Cheryl Keamy
Joyce Keane
Marianne Eileen Kearns
William and Mary Ann Kelhoffer
Chuck and Barbara Keller
Lawrence and Mary Lou Kelley
Carl and Joan Kelly
Edwin and Jane Kerr
Marcea Kjervik
Linda Klaasmeyer
Arnold and Hisako Klinsky

Charles Kochakian
Ralph and Donna Korte
Marvine and Carol Lader
Rosanna Lane
Linda Lee
Elaine D. Lerner
Lynn Libman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Liddy
Long Lane Consulting
Mary Anne Lostaunau
Barbara Lounsbury
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lozelle
Toni and Carl Lundborg
Jody Mabee
Miguel Madariaga
Albert and Sandra Marks
Rod Matthews and Marie Sieker
Paul and Gail McDonald
Sheila and Dennis McGonigal
Ron and Paula Meyer
Gilbert Morin
Thomas and Carol Morrow
William and Gilda Moskal
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mutchnik
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Myalls
John Myles
Jeffrey Nathan
Sharon Nicholson
Leslie and Gail Nizin
Mary Noe
Cathy Norris
Thomas and Nancy Norris
James O’Connor
Donna and George Ohye
Louise Orkin
Camilla Paeschke
Julie Pedretti
Alfred and Sandra Pellegrino
Mary Pfeil
Dr. Larry and Roverta Polacheck Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
William Pope
Martha Proffit
Susan Pyke
Bruce Raimy
Karen and Tom Reinecke
Wendy and Jerry Richman
Dr. Sharon Riser
Maura and Bruce Ritz
Pat Rodgers
Carol and Michael Rosenberg

Dr. Stephen and Midge Rozen
Roz and Ira Rubenstein
Richard and Barbara Rubin
Robert Russoli
Sarah Sammis
Fred Sasser
Daniel and Marilyn Scanlon
Anne A. Schnesel
Rosalie and David Schottenfeld
Timothy and Sally Schrader
Terry Schultz
Robert and Connie Schwaab
Dr. Mayer and Alice Schwartz
Dr. Arnold and Tammra Sigler
Cathy and Scott Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Alen Silver
Ronald and Roberta Sims
Lawrence Smilgius
Gene and Joann Sohn
Mr. and Mrs. H. Solot
Robert Soucy and Heidi Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Spears
John and Jean Speredelozzi
Saundra Spilotro
Dr. Jerald and Joy Spivak
John and Marilyn Steffan
Gary and Rita Stenson
Michelle Stephens
Ilse and Alan Stone
Kathryn Stromberger
Sylvia Taub
Charles and Nancy Thompson
Vicki Tracy
Shirl S. Unatin
Nadine B. Underhill
Carolann and Gerritt VanderMeer
Betty Vining
Jennifer Walker
Pat Ward
Jo Ann Ward
Ann Wertz
Eric Wetlaufer
Mr. and Mrs. John Wheelan
Steven White
Lawrence and Jill Wilker
Roger and Joanne Williams
George and Nancy Woltz
William and Laura Wright III
Lucy Zemanek
Gary and Rhonda Zera
Marguertie Zschiegner