Gala Safety Procredures

Gulfshore Playhouse is committed to the safety of our guests, staff, and performers. Please take note of the new safety protocols we have put in place for the Annual Gala. If you are feeling unwell or you have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please do not attend the Gala.

  • Reduced capacity: Capacity of the Vanderbilt Ballroom is typically 500, we have limited it to 230.
  • Mask policy: Per the Ritz-Carlton, masks are currently required while indoors at all times except while you are seated at your table. We recommend that facial coverings be worn outdoors. All Ritz-Carlton and Gulfshore Playhouse staff will be wearing masks, except for those who have been tested for COVID-19 prior to the event. We will have paper masks on site for any patron in need of one.
  • Registration process: Registration tables will be spaced apart with floor markings to provide proper guidance on distancing. All guests should pre-register in advance of the event to significantly reduce time spent at registration.
  • Temperature checks: All guests will have their temperature checked using a non-contact infrared thermometer before entering the event.
  • Spatially-distant cocktail hour: The first hour and a half of the event will take place outdoors with activities spread throughout the courtyard. There will be two separate bars to prevent crowding.
  • Hand-sanitization: There will be plenty of hand sanitizing stations located throughout the venue.
  • Socially distant tables: All tables will be placed at least six-feet apart. We ask that patrons remain seated at their tables and to please put on their mask if they need to leave for any reason.
  • Performer safety: The Gala performers will have taken a rapid COVID-19 test the day of the performance to ensure safety.