Dear Friends,

I would like you to imagine a world without art.

Or perhaps I should say: TRY to imagine a world without art. Close your eyes and try. Imagine the empty walls of your home or office – without paintings, posters, or photographs. Imagine a rock concert with no one behind the instruments. Wait, there wouldn’t be any instruments either. Imagine a wedding, a prom, or a “father/daughter” dance without the dance.

Think about the times your heart and soul were burst open by a beautiful song. Never happened. Winged Victory, David, and the Statue of Liberty…not there either.

Now imagine an empty stage without players.  My heart actually shudders and my eyes fill with tears at the thought.

Therefore, it is with immense gratitude and enormous joy that I thank YOU for your support and belief in what we do. It is THANKS TO YOU that we have a stage filled NOT ONLY with actors, but with thought, heart, great ideas, laughter, tears, and expanded horizons. It is thanks to you that we have happy children, fulfilled adults, and inquisitive students bustling around our campus, making and partaking in one of the oldest art forms, the art form that encompasses all other art forms: Theatre.  I am unspeakably grateful for your support over these 12 years during which we have birthed and expanded our production season, Gulfshore Playhouse Education, our Scholarship Fund, and our Synergy Series, which now include pre-show and post-show discussions and panels, script clubs, and interactive lobby displays.

As Shakespeare says: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts”  This season, more than ever before, you will see our extremely talented professional actors playing more than one role: in Constellations, two characters travel through time and space.  In My Fair Lady, 8 actors will make up all of Edwardian London to surround Eliza Doolittle and her Professor Higgins.  In Do This, you’ll see a one-woman tour-de-force.  In The Hound of the Baskervilles, three men, well, you’ll see, and in Merchant, 9 actors make up the entirety of Venice.

This season promises to be the best yet. With time-tested classics, hilarious new comedies, important new works, and even a musical.  It is my goal every single day to inspire you, to awaken you, to help you find meaning where before there was none, and to once again remind you of the importance of art and education in our community.  We promise you world-class professional theatre in an intimate setting – Broadway-quality work right in your own back yard.

I hope to see you at a show, at a class, at a Synergy Series event, or invested in our growth sharing milestones with us as we navigate toward our beautiful future together.

My very best,


Kristen Coury

Kristen Coury

Founder and Producing Artistic Director