An Enemy of the People

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Gulfshore Playhouse confronts a 19th-century controversy with new relevance

The Cast of An Enemy of the People
The Cast of An Enemy of the People

The drama is distilled. The water is not.

In fact, the water is poisonous, and on that frightening truth turns the streamlined version of Hendrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” Gulfshore Playhouse’s current production. It opens Saturday at the Norris Community Center in Naples, and its tenets sound eerily familiar.

Intra-play dramas appear like layers in a torte as you slice into it. The audience must choose which one they partake of most intensely. Sibling rivalry. The vulnerability, despite its posturing, of the media. Corporate/governmental obfuscation. The public’s self-imposed quotient for denial. Greed and hubris. This is a heavy, but richly filling, work.