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Letter: A must see

Jeffrey Binder and John Corey in An Enemy of the People
Jeffrey Binder and John Corey in An Enemy of the People

Art convincingly imitates present-day life in Gulfshore Playhouse’s next production, “An Enemy of the People.”

The play, as relevant today as it was when written 130 years ago, is a “ripped-from-the-headlines” story – a “must-see” when it opens at the Norris Center on March 26 for three weeks.

“An Enemy of the People” is set in a small Norwegian town in the 1800s where a local doctor discovers the town’s popular medicinal springs are literally poisoning people who come there for their health. Controversy ensues as the doctor (an early whistle blower?) is vilified for jeopardizing the town’s economic viability.

This more than a century-old story continues to be played out around the world: think Flint, Michigan; the infected runoff from Lake Okeechobee; and Rio’s waterways bringing raw sewage near the site of the upcoming Olympic games – to name a few.

What’s to be learned from the play?

I encourage anyone concerned about the perplexing environmental issues that face us every day to see “An Enemy of the People.”

At its best, theater brings stories like this before audiences like ours for discussion and inspiration. How fortunate we are that the extraordinary Kristen Coury, artistic director of Gulfshore Playhouse, and her staff decided more than a year ago to mount this timely, thought-provoking play for Naples audiences. Don’t miss it!