War: What is it good for? ‘An Illiad’ retold at Gulfshore Playhouse

This is the one they’re all going to be talking about.

It’s a knockout play, one that socks you right in the gut. It is so singular, so striking, it’ll surely wind up on many “Best Of” lists at the end of season.

“An Illiad” is not only about war, but about theater, about stories and telling our stories to each other.

By the time the Poet starts listing every single war we humans have ever been engaged in, I had tears running down my face, as the list went on and on and on.

“The gods have made a mess of things,” he says.

But we have, too.

“An Illiad” is such a masterful, compelling piece of theater you should be sure to catch Gulfshore Playhouse’s epic and contemporary production while you can.


Nancy Stetson
Florida Weekly

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