Review: Gulfshore Playhouse ‘Iliad’ is tragedy for today as well as for ancient Greece

One of the major hurdles to appreciating the drama “An Iliad” is its title. You’re probably even looking at this review and saying, “Done that already.”

But you haven’t. Even those of us who have read the entire Greek classic poem in honors class haven’t done this “Iliad.”

The tale does not spare some grim details, recounting some of its murders in stomach-turning detail. Those still recoiling from the reported horrors of Jamal Khoshoggi’s death after the doors of his homeland’s consulate closed behind him should know these verbalized deeds are similar — and done in public. No victors hold our admiration for any length of time.

Nor does the narrator mean for them to. That brings us to the second striking difference between your grandather’s “Iliad” — or any other “Iliad” through the ages — and the one currently at Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples. It doesn’t aspire to poetry. This is a campfire oratory on humanity with a blunt-spoken, occasionally millennialist poet, who may or may not be an avatar for Homer.

Harriet Howard Heithaus,
Naples Daily News

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