Gulfshore Playhouse unleashes women warriors with a sense of humor

Those headed to the Women’s March in Naples this Saturday may want to drop in on a play written with them in mind, “The Revolutionists. “

The Lauren Gunderson work currently at Gulfshore Playhouse wades into the bloody French Revolution from the perspective of four women deeply involved in it. And we’re not talking about knitting afghans for the boys on the front lines.

Meet playwright Olympe De Gouge, who is trying to characterize the madness in a play — or could we make it a musical comedy?” — that offers help. There’s well-meaning moderate Charlotte Corday, who has turned assassin, and former queen/party girl and ne plus ultra of ribbon wear, Marie Antoinette. Rebel scout Marianne Angelle brings the Haitian Revolution, rare paired with the concurrent French model.

They’re all real,historical characters, although Marianne is a composite of women in the sparsely chronicled Caribbean revolution. Their dire fates are also real, and, alas, have not changed for women today, albeit the executions are confined to economic and emotional oeuvres.


Naples Daily News

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