Gulfshore Playhouse premieres a ‘Godfather’ twist on a classic Moliere comedy

Gulfshore Playhouse presents the world premiere of “Scapino” on stage at The Norris Center Saturday, Feb. 17, through Sunday, March 18.

Moliere’s 17th century French comedy has been adapted by Jeffrey Binder of Broadway’s “The Lion King” into a mafia comedy set in Naples. Directed by award-winning Chicago director Zeljko Djukic, it tells the story of the crafty servant Scapino (Mr. Binder) scheming to unite two pairs of lovers against the wishes of their mafia boss fathers.

The couples are Leo (Grayson Powell) and Feather (Jade Radford) and Octavio (Jack Berenholtz) and Chloe (Monica Rae Summers Gonzalez). Their fathers are Don Albert (Gerritt VanderMeer) and Don Jerry Geronte (Larry Paulsen) and Sylvester (Phillip Taratula). No one knows who will end up married of “sleeping with the fishes” in the “Godfather” twist of Moliere’s classic.

Mr. Binder, associate artistic director at Gulfshore Playhouse, is a 15-year Broadway veteran whose credits include 10 years as Zazu in “The Lion King” along with the role of George Banks in the musical “Mary Poppins,” both performed at the New Amsterdam Theatre on 42nd Street. He appeared in the TV series “Damages” and starred in Gulfshore Playhouse’s “The Price,” which closed Feb. 4.

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