Gulfshore Playhouse gives us something to buzz about, “In the Next Room” opens Feb. 16


There’s a buzz surrounding Gulfshore Playhouse’s latest stage production, “In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play.” And judging solely by the name, it surely won’t disappoint.

Written by American playwright and essayist Sarah Ruhl, “In the Next Room,” revisits a time when women wore tight corsets and men were the breadwinners. It was also a time where there was ignorance to female sexual desire. In 19th century America, doctors allegedly used a vibrator as a clinical device to treat so-called female hysteria. Symptoms included irritability, sleepiness and anger.

The Tony Award–nominated comedy, which opens Feb. 16, explores sexuality in the Victorian era. But it’s just as much about intimacy and marriage, all themes relevant to today’s audience.


Ashley Collins
Naples Daily News