BWW Review: LEADING LADIES at Gulfshore Playhouse is Wonderfully Witty!

LEADING LADIES at Gulfshore Playhouse is truly one of the most hilarious, witty, and well-performed plays I have ever seen. It is Gulfshore Playhouse’s first production post-Hurricane Irma, and I have to say, they are starting out incredibly strong, after what I am sure was a tough recovery.

Every single joke and punchline in the show was met with roaring laughter from the audience, which is a clear indicator of how perfectly they were delivered. I very much enjoyed and appreciated how clever the whole thing was. The story is about two struggling actors, Leo and Jack, who intend to imitate a dying woman’s long lost nephews, Max and Steve, in order to claim the fortune left to her relations in her will. But then, they find out that Max and Steve are not the nephews they first thought, but rather, they are nieces: Maxine and Stephanie. Rather than forget about the fortune, Leo and Jack decide to do something a little wild: become Maxine and Stephanie.

William Connell and Zach Martens, who play Leo and Jack, who “play” Maxine and Stephanie, were fantastic. They were hilarious throughout the whole show, but especially when they were pretending to be Maxine and Stephanie. They both had excellent stage presence, and I was impressed with their ability to fully portray the emotions their characters were experiencing, often in a very humorous way. There were many moments when they were making faces, behind another character’s back, at each other, and these were some of the funniest parts of the show. They were a wonderful duo.


by Emily Yorgey
Broadway World