‘Do This’ details dilemmas facing autistic child’s mom

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‘Do This’ details dilemmas facing autistic child’s mom

‘Do This’ takes on the array of autism treatments, theories
In these times, the problem may not be finding advice. The problem may be there’s too much of it. A flood of counsel threatens to carry away the mother of a child with autism depicted in Karen Siff Exkorn’s play, “Do This,” which has its world premiere this weekend at Gulfshore Playhouse. When her young son is diagnosed with the syndrome, the heroine finds herself nearly drowning in a tide of advice — harmful, confusing and ineffective, as well as helpful.

It has come from the playwright’s own experience with her son, part of which had already prompted her to write a source book for struggling parents whose children are on the autism scale.

“After writing the autism source book … I found I had more to say, things I found as a mother that were universal experiences for parents,” Exkorn said in a recent phone interview. “I just started writing as if it were a journal. Then I started experiencing these characters in my head.”

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