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‘Constellations’ at Gulfshore Playhouse looks at alternate universes


“Constellations” examines the theory that we live in multiple universes — a multiverse — and that an infinite number of universes co-exist simultaneously in which every possible alternative occurs.

Mr. Nickell says working on “Constellations” has made him realize that, “I can’t spend too much time thinking of all the possibilities of who I might be, but it has made me acutely aware of who I am right now … “Are we just particles being knocked about, or are we sentient beings that are in charge of our own destiny? That’s absolutely one of the main themes of the play: Do we have any choice and do we have any control? Whether or not we do, how do we manifest that in a world where clearly not much is in our control?”

“To think that ours is the only reality seems simplistic,” Ms. Norris says. “How do we know? My dad would say, ‘The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.’ I fully believe that. It’s freeing to think that I’m not so in charge. It’s kind of freeing to experience, rather than assume there’s big hand of fate moving me along. I’m not Macbeth.”

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