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Martin Luther King Jr. Steps Onstage

Martin Luther King Jr. steps onstage at Gulfshore Jamil Mangan isn’t portraying just anybody in Gulfshore Playhouse’s new play, “The Mountaintop.” He’s portraying an American legend – none other than civil-rights demigod Martin Luther King Jr. Mangan is well aware of the expectations that come with playing such an iconic figure. Everybody know what King...


‘The Mountaintop’

Curtain Up: Two actors rise to the challenge of ‘The Mountaintop’ There are no reservations about the performances. Jamil A.C. Mangan as Dr. King and Felicia Curry as Camae are superb. Mangan’s rolling basso tones and vocal cadences evoke the great orator. Ms. Curry has an even showier role and she makes the most of...


Martin Luther King at Gulfshore Playhouse

Review: Martin Luther King lives at Gulfshore Playhouse Together, Nickell and his actors create some intense, profound moments in “The Mountaintop,” and they give King’s final night all the power and drama it deserves. Hall’s play…[is] endlessly fascinating and has one of the most resonant endings I’ve seen.