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The Merchant of Venice

Courageous Theater: Anti-Semitism and Racism I celebrate the brave and confronting live theater here in S.W. Florida.  Two of the very best  productions are “must sees” and on our stages right now. One of them is at The Gulfshore Playhouses, a theater with a long reputation for  powerful, relevant and demanding plays.  The Producing Artistic...


Review: ‘Merchant’ gets more drama and poses questions

Review: ‘Merchant’ gets more drama and poses questions Gulfshore Playhouse’s production of “The Merchant of Venice” is Shakespeare for people who hate it. Be prepared for your conversion. Enter the bluebood, a dangerous mixture of softhearted and hardheaded, who offers to float a loan for his best friend’s happiness. He cuts a foolhardy contract with the...


Merchant of Venice

WILL POWER: Bard gets a hand from Shakespeare scholar They’ll use the King’s English but in accents American.   If you’re an English literature major, the plays of William Shakespeare are an ever-blooming garden of language — colorful with puns, allusions and word plays that show more of themselves every time you see his scripts....