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Three plays a second time

Theater Notes: Three plays a second time I went back again to see three plays I have already reviewed. Why do I do that? Well, if you’re a theater lover, you’ve done it as well. But these three, in my not so humble Theater Critic’s view, are the three best things I’ve seen all season,...


The God Game provokes, intrigues

With ‘The God Game,’ Gulfshore Playhouse provokes, intrigues What if a candidate went to church faithfully and dropped God’s name often, as if they were best friends, but his or her voting record harmed the poor, the young and the disenfranchised — a direct violation of their religion’s commands? Is it ever right for candidates...


The God Game well produced

Curtain Up: ‘The God Game’ at Gulfshore Playhouse well produced, directed and acted It is wonderful to see the people at Gulfshore Playhouse display the courage to present a new play and the discernment to pick such a fine one. The play gets a first-class handling in its first live incarnation – the show is...


Gulfshore tackles God in world premiere

Preview: Gulfshore tackles God, gays and the GOP in a world premiere Kristen Coury wants to create a conversation. Gulfshore Playhouse’s latest play should spark one. It’s got everything. God. Gays. The GOP. Everything but guns, the third fiery rail of hot-button Republican issues.


World premiere about politics

Gulfshore Playhouse presents world premiere of play about politics, religion and truth The God Game MANY THINGS CAN SPARK THE writing of a play. For Suzanne Bradbeer, the genesis of “The God Game” began while following the 2008 presidential campaign. “I was watching John McCain, who I thought was an interesting person,” says the playwright....


World Premiere The God Game

Gulfshore Playhouse takes on religion and politics in world premiere of ‘God Game’ Gulfshore Playhouse brings its first world premiere to Naples this weekend with the political drama “The God Game.” Written by New York City playwright Suzanne Bradbeer, the play focuses on a Virginia senator asked to run as a vice presidential candidate. But...