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Something Intangible by Bruce Graham

REVIEW: Curtain Up: ‘Something Intangible’ at Gulfshore Playhouse ‘an intense and powerful work’ Something Intangible by Bruce Graham now at Gulfshore Playhouse, falls in the currently popular mode of using thinly disguised historical figures to engage the audience. “The Aviator’s Wife” does this for Anne Morrow Lindbergh. “The Paris Wife” is “about” the Hemingways. As...


Gulfshore’s Something Intangible

REVIEW: Naples’ Gulfshore Playhouse production dulls Disney’s luster “Something Intangible” starts out slow, setting up details about Dale’s family life and his relationship with his brother that pay major rewards later on. But stick with it: Once Tony gets the idea for “Glorioso,” the play sparkles to life as if Tinkerbell has just waved her...


Something Intangible

REVIEW: GULFSHORE CAPTURES SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL WITH “SOMETHING INTANGIBLE”   “Something Intangible” searches for that elusive “something” that transcends art. What makes a play sing? A movie come alive? A night at the theater dance with magic? Audiences can find the answers to all those questions at Gulfshore Playhouse. “Something Intangible” finds its something intangible.