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David Mamet’s “Race”

Curtain Up: ‘Race’ and ‘Doubt’ show power of professional and community theaters David Mamet’s “Race” at Gulfshore Playhouse is a taut, profane chamber piece, focusing sharply on the issue of race relations, with uncertainty over an accused man’s guilt as the engine of the plot. All the roles are superbly performed by the professional actors....


RACE, by David Mamet

RACE, by David Mamet, was a superb production RACE, by David Mamet, was a superb production. Mamet at the top of his game, a ruthless, unrelenting whack in the face, game. And it featured four actors rising to the challenge, all directed brilliantly by Kristen Coury, who knows what she’s doing!



Gulfshore’s ‘Race’ takes on tough questions of human tendency to profile And there are so many things to discuss about it, says Kristen Coury, Gulfshore Playhouse artistic director and director of this play. “This is my favorite kind of play to direct because there’s a lot of what we’ve talked about before as ‘table work’...