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Roadmaps by Cody Nickell

  You know, reading plays is hard.  Or at least most people would probably say so.  If you are reading this, you probably have some connection to theatre. If you are a patron, you probably haven’t read many plays.  If you are a theatre maker, you certainly have, it’s part of the job.  But I...


The Revisit at Gulfshore Playhouse by Johnnie Hobbs, Jr.

Johnnie Hobbs, Jr. is playing Simon in “The Whipping Man”.  Myself, James Ijames and Cody Nickell, under the direction of Matt Pfeiffer engaged in a production of The Whipping Man about a year and a half ago in Philadelphia at the Arden Theatre. The memories of that experience will remain indelible. Moving forward to our first read...


An Interview with Matthew Lopez

THE WHIPPING MAN, the intense civil war era drama currently on the Gulfshore Playhouse stage, is playwright Matthew Lopez’s first play. In the growing popularity of this touching play, Lopez himself is receiving more and more attention. Gulfshore Playhouse had the honor to interview Lopez, read below to see his insights into the play itself,...