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Engaged to a hit ‘I Am My Own Wife’

“Wife” offers Neapolitan audiences a brilliant piece of theater that they rarely get the chance to see. Vapid musicals, Neil Simon comedies and throwaway farces might entertain, but they fail to feed the mind. “I Am My Own Wife” marries smart direction, a a bravura performance and top-notch creative work to ensure a spellbinding night...


A Week in the Life of an Artistic Director by Kristen Coury

Last year, for “Coury’s Corner” I wrote an article that chronicled “A Day in the Life” which some patrons found interesting. This time around, I choose to focus on “A Week in the Life of an Artistic Director”…this week. A week ago today, we had our Preview Performance of I AM MY OWN WIFE. Following...


Stuff I’ve Learned by Kraig Swartz

Well, gosh, what a whirlwind! 37 characters, 3 weeks of rehearsal, and 1 actor. Me. So far, this has been an exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting process. But one that’s been intensely rewarding. I have learned a huge amount during the past four weeks at Gulfshore Playhouse. In addition to learning German (well, not the whole...


Join Us as Our Spectacular 7th Season Continues!

Happy New Year! We here at Gulfshore Playhouse hope you had a wonderful holiday season!   2012 was a busy year for us, and we are looking forward to our upcoming spring season!  With the remaining four plays of our season being presented from mid January to late April, we are very excited to continue...