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Gulfshore Playhouse Creates a True work of ART

The current offering at Gulfshore Playhouse is a theatrical event that you won’t soon forget. If you consider yourself a theatre lover on any level, then do not wait another moment to see ‘Art’. You will witness a master class in solid and sure-footed direction, and an award worthy performance by Scott Greer that needs...


Three friends seeing red over a white canvas in ‘Art’

“Art” makes you laugh. “Art” makes you question what – and how – you think. “Art” takes white lines on white pigment on white canvas and paints an entire world of angry words, hurt feelings, bitter recriminations and fractured friendships. Then, it heals them. “Art” the play, much like “art” the medium, can transform the...


Ready for ‘Reza in Rep’ adventure

Gulfshore Playhouse actors, directors ready for ‘Reza in Rep’ adventure The totally true story of how Gulfshore Playhouse will produce two completely different plays – with the same actors – on the same stage – less than four hours apart – on Saturdays this fall


Patty and Jay Baker sponsor Reza in Rep

I mentioned our friend Patty Baker who, along with her husband, Jay, have been a force when it comes to the entertainment field, producing award-winning Broadway shows, as well as being instrumental in the growth of The Naples Players at the Sugden Community Theatre. And, for the last almost eight years, Bob and I have...